Artistic Flair – Street Art Stencil Workshop

Ever needed to find the perfect birthday gift for that creative friend, well we have you covered with an artsy morning event they won’t soon forget! Held in conjunction with the incredibly talented team from the Blender Creative Studios this action packed street art stencil workshop offers a space for artists of all levels to immerse themselves in the colourfully wild world of the popular art medium. The two hour event begins in the heart of the Docklands at the studio where you are guided through the art form, cover spray techniques, the do’s and don’t of stencil making and given an overview of stencil art itself by a renowned street artist before you get the chance to dip your toes in the creative pond and create a one of a kind designed piece for yourself!

After designing your own stencil, with help from the artists, you are then given a canvas and shown how to apply the spray paints to your work offering you an insiders look to the medium as well as a chance to create a customed piece you can take away.  You are then treated to a premium range of colouring options to bring your artwork to life and after selecting your palette you are then left to put what you’ve learnt to practice as you become the latest artist on the scene. After completing the work and enjoying a light morning tea you are left with a one-off piece that is yours to keep allowing you to show off to friends and family the new creative skills you have just worked to learn, not to mention a takeaway stencil that you can reuse and perfect your craft further with.

If you haven’t yet booked your spot at the Blender Creative Studios street art stencil workshop then what are you waiting for? Book today and become the artists you’ve always wanted to be!

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