Off Road – 4WD tour of Nunniong Ranges

Need a getaway or the perfect present for a couple of adventure seekers? Like to learn more about our history or enjoy the great outdoors? Our 4WD tour of the Nunniong Ranges experience, presented by the Great Alpine, is the perfect way to get away and explore a piece of unabashed land while taking in the historic sights and sounds that the pristine wine country has to offer. Stepping out of the city and into this jam-packed 4-hour tour you’ll begin to feel as if the hassles of life slip away and as you take in the fresh country air you are made aware just how free you are. Starting at the Ensay winery you are treated to a tour of the grounds before zipping up into the hills of the ranges that allow for a picturesque photo opp that will make all of your friends envious. As you weave through the stunning highlands and make your way towards the lake you are surrounded by untouched land that lets you relax and take in the truly divine landscape.

As you reach the lake on the high plains you are treated to a historical drive-through of national treasures like the huts and steam-powered logging winch which were used in the area in a time now passed but as you pass by each monument you are gifted a glimpse into how far we as a people have come as well as a brief look at what we’ve evolved from. Following on from your trip down memory lane you are taken back down the beautiful mountainside and across to Bindi for a tour of the olive farm which offers a great place to end the tour and buy a lunch at the cafe or sit back and reflect on the joys of the day with a wine.

If you’re looking to see the stunning Nunniong Ranges then this 4WD experience is the only way to go! Reserve your spots totally in a tranquil and enjoying part of historical beauty.

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