Jeweling Around: Claire Taylor the Jewellery Atelier

If you’re buying a gift for her, your partner or mum (yes, it’s almost mothers day) then this is the perfect experience as it lets the gift recipient the chance to pick their own present from the stunning and vast creations of the individually handmade and wildly acclaimed atelier’s signature work. For those so inclined you can even be involved in the design process and even have your piece/s personalised with help from the creative herself, customising it so your takeaway is an original piece that only you will ever have.

After graduating in 2010 and travelling the world to find exotic materials she can experiment with Claire Taylor set up studio in Fitzroy to offer the world a look into her visionary creations. Developed by experimentation of textures and using various embossing techniques the well established designer has made quite a name for herself and as you enter the open-planned area dedicated to her works it is clear just how intricately attentive she is to the aesthetic of her work.

If you haven’t yet seen the stunning work from Claire Taylor then take a look below at some of her fabulous designer pieces or better yet get online and book in a experience for that special person now, even if it is you! Check out the Atelier’s range of Bananalab experiences here or check out her instagram to see some of her incredibly artisan silver, gold and stoned designs.

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