Sweet Toothed – Beginners Chocolate Making Class

If you’re buying a gift for a lover of food, a sweet tooth or just a chocoholic, or maybe just trying to impress the one you l0ve for a birthday gift, then this beginner’s chocolate making class by Sissy’s is just the experience for them to take part in. Held by masterful chocolatier Sylvia this gift is perfect for any and everybody, I mean who doesn’t love chocolate? The four hour masterclass begins with an introduction to the world and history of the sweet treat as well as a brief overview of it’s ancient origins which dives into the mysterious creation of this world-renowned product and how it became the world’s most loved treat.

Following on from your introduction to the world of chocolate Sylvia takes you to her kitchen where you are treated to a hands on experience as she shows you how to temper the chocolate, create traditional and custom fillings, that you will have to taste to believe, and prepare the hand-made bite sized snacks using professional moulds and all while talking you through fun facts and interesting tie bits on the world of chocolate. After making your own creations the real fun begins as you are treated to sample your hard work. Sylvia then shows you how to wrap your little treasures to either take home and share with the ones you love or hide somewhere to treat yourself with.

If you haven’t yet seen just why Sissy’s beginners chocolate making class is the best in Melbourne then take a look at some of the fun moments you can have below during one of Sylvia’s classes or better yet book a date in and taste the real deal, we can promise you won’t be disappointed.

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