Sail Away: Sea Kayak Australia

Having being voted the best city in the world numerous times Melbourne is a place we should all see more of and thanks to our friends at Sea Kayak Australia and their amazing kayaking experience you can! Whether it’s the iconic Yarra River or the stunning Port Phillip Bay this experience will show you a side of Melbourne you’ve never seen. The 2.5 hour tour starts with an explanation of the safety gear you’ll need and a run down of the route you’ll take as you embark on a truly breathtaking way to see the iconic sights Melbourne has to offer through its vast waterways. After finishing your chat and suiting up in your stylish safety gear you will be taken to the water where your adventure begins.

After settling into your vessel and taking to the water you are guided, by a fully qualified kayaker, through the historic town and its stunning views while listening to stories and anecdotes about what makes this town what it is. While on your journey you will also observe hordes of wildlife and hidden views of some of the most iconic landmarks Melbourne has to offer while taking photos of your journey at every stage. As your trip concludes you are treated to drinks and snacks as you look through your memory book of photos and select the ones you want to take with you to remember the incredible day you had.

If you haven’t yet seen the Sea Kayak Australia experiences then what are you waiting for? It’ll make the perfect gift for any adventurer, wildlife lover, photographer or amateur photographer, thrill taker or outdoors-person and with Mother’s Day just around the corner it will make mums day to receive a gift that not only gives her a lifetime of memories but one that will have her out of the house and exploring!


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