Chic Performance: Fren’Chic Tours

With Mother’s Day approaching fast we have the perfect gift for her that will have your mum swooning! Caroline is a chic Parisian stylist from French Chic tours who will help your mum look good every day of the year with a day of style unlike any other! As she works her way across Melbourne, with your mum in toe, and treats her to a little touch of chicness both of the style kind and the peaceful kind her┬átour experience, French up my shopping, will see your beloved mum walk away with an abundance of knowledge, a clear vision of style and if she so chooses a wardrobe to help express her new outlook.

With nine out of ten women owning at least one item of clothing they have never worn it is clear that stylists are the only way to shop! With a keen eye for detail, a flair for wardrobe plotting and the sensibility to find reusable pieces fashionista turned tour guide and style coach Caroline will not only boost your self-confidence and highlight your uniqueness with the right pieces but in her 2 hour shopping spree she will show you how to style yourself, how to buy the right pieces – the one’s you’ll actually wear, to save you money and how to save time while shopping by looking in the right places for the right pieces. Caroline will also show your mum an abundance of unique and interesting boutiques that she may have missed on her downtown travels opening her up to a new and exciting way of shopping.

If you haven’t yet gotten mum the perfect present for Mother’s Day then what are you waiting for? Book a session with Caroline’s French up my wardrobe tour and see for yourself just how happy mum is when she comes home, who knows she may even buy you a little styled present of your own…

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