Give dad the gift of an unusual experience

This Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of an unusual experience

BananaLab provides an escape from the dreaded gift ideas that Dads have been subjected to since the beginning of time.

[MELBOURNE, AU – September 2nd 2018]

Let’s face it.  Another Father’s day comes around and well-meaning sons and daughters are once again stumped for great ideas that aren’t the usual shirt & tie, perfume and socks. How about we appreciate Dads in a way that’s cool and exciting rather than dull and practical?

That’s where BananaLab comes in!

It’s a gift box with a multitude of unexpected choices that gives Dads the opportunity to pick one that’s unique and maybe even outright weird.

For example, he can experience what its like to:

  • Float in a tank of epsom salts and have all his stress wash away in a matter of minutes (if he’s not claustrophobic of course)
  • Live out his destructive fantasy of breaking things by letting loose at ‘The Breakroom Fury’.
  • Kayak through offbeat waters of Cape Woolamai through granite cliffs and sea caves
  • Learn to cook Indian or Srilankan cuisine to spice up his game in the kitchen
  • Create his own perfume and gift it to the family (no thank you)
  • Experience the thrill of a Warbird Aerobatic Flight

These are only a few of the unusual experiences he could explore. There are many more and you could share one with him too.

After all, we are the sum total of the memories we make. So let’s make some bloody good ones!

Tom and Eric, founders of BananaLab said:

“ We believe a BananaLab gift box is a great way to encourage Dads to get out their routines for a while and just Go Bananas! As new dads experiencing Father’s Day for the first time, we would love a little time to let loose, play and get out of our ‘dad’ roles for a bit. One activity we would love to try out from the gift box is The Break Room Fury. We think it would give us much needed relief from our day to day lives that are a bit intense (but fulfilling of course) at the moment. Do your Dad’s a favor and give him something to talk or even laugh about for years to come.”

How do you pick and buy a box?

Go to where you can pick one (or all) of 3 boxes – “Sweet”, “Classic” and “Unique” that have been created to suit your budget or grandiosity of experience. With each box, your dad can explore and choose from hundreds of experiences that may tickle his fancy.

The prices range from $149 (for 1-2 persons sharing an experience), $299 ( for 1-4 persons) and $599 (up to 4 persons). You can also purchase the most relevant box based on the type of experiences you want your Dad to have. Just check out the “Experiences in the Gift Boxes” tab on the website.

Super Fast, Same Day Delivery is available and your Dad can have a beautifully wrapped package in a matter of hours.

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