Give Dad a Gift that Keeps Giving

This Father’s Day, Give Dad a Gift that Keeps Giving

BananaLab provides an escape from the dreaded gift ideas that Dads have been subjected to since the beginning of time.

[MELBOURNE, AU – September 2nd 2018]

We live in an age where we have too much stuff. We shop, collect and gift a lot of unwanted material stuff and it’s just not cool anymore is it?

Well, not so long ago, a couple of curious researchers did a bit of their magic to discover that it is experiences that in fact give us humans, lasting happiness and not material possessions.

Meaningful experiences are the secret sauce that keeps us excited and smiling that crooked smile that says “Yes, I know what that feels like now, because I did it and it felt bloody damn good!”

Experiences are what changes lives, they make us feel alive. They shape us and become part of our awesome selves.

We learn to see things with new eyes.
We learn to feel things with new ‘feels’.

This Father’s day imagine if your dad was able to experience –
The beautiful marine underwater world in the Mornington Peninsula through a Discover Scuba Diving session. (Nothing quite like experiencing what its like to breathe and “be” with marine creatures down under is there?)
A fishing trip in Port Philip Bay where he can relax with a group of new mates on a boat and learn to fish while breathing the fresh sea breeze. (Hmmm that sounds sooo refreshing)
An exhilarating skydive from 15,000ft over the Yarra Valley. (No comment here)
A tailored photography session for the kind of photos he would love to take but never got around to. (You might just become his next muse)
Making cheese or chocolate if he is a true foodie and enjoys cooking something decadent (Hint: there’s benefit in there for the whole family)

These are only a few of the unconventional experiences he could explore. There’s more where that came from and you could share one with him too.

After all, we are the sum total of the memories we make. So let’s make some bloody good ones!

Tom and Eric, founders of BananaLab said:

“ We believe a BananaLab gift box is a great way to get Dads out of their routines and experience something new! As new dads celebrating Father’s Day for the first time, we would love a little time out to try something adventurous and exciting. So do your Dads a favor and give him a gift that keeps on giving this year!”

How do you pick and buy a box?

Go to where you can pick one (or all) of 3 boxes – “Sweet”, “Classic” and “Unique” that have been created to suit your budget or grandiosity of experience. With each box, your dad can explore and choose from hundreds of experiences that may tickle his fancy.

The prices range from $149 (for 1-2 persons sharing an experience), $299 ( for 1-4 persons) and $599 (up to 4 persons). You can also purchase the most relevant box based on the type of experiences you want your Dad to have. Just check out the “Experiences in the Gift Boxes” tab on the website.

Super Fast, Same Day Delivery is available and your Dad can have a beautifully wrapped package in a matter of hours.

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