Think Inside the Box This Father’s Day, with a BananaLab Gift Box

Think Inside the Box This Father’s Day, with a BananaLab Gift Box

Struggling to come up with Father’s Day gift ideas? We don’t blame you… choosing the perfect present for dad can be harder than choosing what to watch on Netflix.

Why not give your dad the opportunity to select a fantastic experience that will leave him with lifelong memories? By giving your dad a BananaLab gift box this Father’s Day, you’re presenting him with a menu of all the coolest things to do in Melbourne (and a few options out in the Victorian countryside, too!).

With over 300 experiences to choose from, BananaLab gift boxes cater to every kind of dad – even the hard-to-please ones!

For those of you who aren’t prepared to cop out and opt for the standard “dad gifts” of socks, cologne, golf balls and footy tickets, BananaLab is the answer to your dilemma. This way, you can offer your dad a wide range of Father’s Day gift ideas to choose from himself!

Whether your dad is the corporate businessman type, the hands-on tradesman who spends his days on the tools, or a blissfully laidback retiree, BananaLab’s gift boxes have something for everyone.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples…

For the ladsy dad… Sports and Beer Tour!

This is a full day experience for two people, offered by Melbourne Sports Tours in BananaLab’s “Classic Box”. Click here for more information.

Treat your dad and one of his mates to a fun-filled day exploring Melbourne’s most impressive sports venues.

After venturing through the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village and cruising along Albert Park’s F1 GP Circuit, dad can check out Melbourne Cup’s fantastic Flemington Racecourse and enjoy an exclusive behind the scenes tour of either the MCG or Rod Laver Arena.

After a delicious pub meal for two, your dad can choose whether he wants to visit the reputable Carlton Brewhouse (where Aussie beer staples like Victoria Bitter, Fosters, Carlton Draught, Crown Lager and Pure Blonde are brewed) or check out Stomping Ground, one of Melbourne’s hottest new brewers.

Either option promises an awesome and thirst-quenching day out with Melbourne Sports Tours – what an ideal Father’s Day gift idea!

For the adventurous dad… 12 Apostles Open Cockpit

This experience is a 25-minute flight for four people, offered by Adventure Flight Co in BananaLab’s “Unique Box”. Click here for more information.

This incredible experience is sure to give your dad something to talk to his mates about – an open cockpit joy flight for him and three others, taking a scenic flight over the stunning 12 Apostles, London Bridge (no, not that one…), Bay of Islands and offering panoramic views of Shipwreck Coast.

Enjoy a road trip down to Port Campbell, meet your friendly pilot at Great Ocean Road airport and simply enjoy the breathtaking views of Victoria’s beautiful southern coast from this unbeatable vantage point up in the clouds with Adventure Flight Co.

With any luck, your dad might even choose you to sit in one of the other three seats!

For the outdoorsy dad… Snapper Morning Trip

This is a 6-hour fishing trip experience for one person, offered by St Kilda Fishing Charters in BananaLab’s “Sweet” and “Unique” gift boxes. Click here for more information.

Give your dad the gift of a great big snapper or gummy shark this Father’s Day (if he’s any good at fishing!).

While a 4am start down at St Kilda might not sound too appealing, your dad will soon cheer up when he gets to see the sun rise out on the water, and fish for sea animals such as snappers, gummy sharks, pinkies, King George Whiting and more!

Whether he has any luck with his bait or not, he’s sure to enjoy this deeply relaxing experience and opportunity to mingle with other fishing enthusiasts courtesy of St Kilda Fishing Charters.

For the romantic dad… a Weekend Glamping Experience

This is a two-night experience for two people, offered by Iluka Retreat in BananaLab’s “Unique Box”. Click here for more information.

Perhaps the best gift for dad this Father’s Day is a gift that mum can enjoy too!

Iluka Retreat is a lush, leafy, peaceful spot hidden away on the Mornington Peninsula, where campers can escape the stress of city life for a few days in some of the most luxurious tents you could imagine!

Your dad and his +1 need only bring an overnight bag and they’re good to go – everything else is taken care of.

With stellar views of the wetland lake and beautiful rolling hills beyond, as well as a number of fantastic wineries just a short stroll away, your dad will come home feeling refreshed, revitalised, and extremely grateful for your amazing gift!

For the social dad… a truly social dining experience

This is an evening experience for five people, offered by The Social Food Project in BananaLab’s “Unique Box”. Click here for more information.

Why not offer your dad and four of his friends or family an evening eating dinner at the chef’s table with the Social Food Project?

Expert chef, passionate environmentalist and social entrepreneur Ben McMenamin will take your dad’s group on a culinary journey as he delivers unique dishes (each with his own personalised approach) to the table in person and discusses the origins and fascinating history of each meal.

Your dad can eat some delicious cuisine, enjoy a beer or glass of wine, and share the evening with family or close friends.

So many more Father’s Day gift ideas on offer!

Tom and Eric, founders of BananaLab said:

“We believe a BananaLab gift box is a great way to get dads out of their routines and experience something new! As new dads celebrating Father’s Day for the first time, we would love a little time out to try something adventurous and exciting. So do your dads a favour and give him a gift that keeps on giving this year!”

How do you pick and buy a box?

Go to, where you can pick one (or all) of our “sweet”, “classic” and “unique” boxes that have been created to suit your budget or grandiosity of experience.

With each box, your dad can explore and choose from hundreds of experiences that may tickle his fancy.

The prices range from $149 for 1-2 people sharing an experience, $299 for 1-4 people, and $599 up to 4 people. You can also purchase the most relevant box based on the type of experiences you want your dad to have; just check out Experiences in the Gift Boxes to browse.

Super-fast, same day delivery is available, so your dad can have a beautifully wrapped package in a matter of hours.

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