Give Dad the Gift of an Unforgettable Experience This Father’s Day

Give Dad the Gift of an Unforgettable Experience This Father’s Day

Struggling to come up with any decent Father’s Day gift ideas this year?

Rather than opting for the predictable socks, ties, peanuts and golf balls, why not surprise your dad with a truly unique gift that we guarantee he won’t see coming!

BananaLab Gift Boxes offer a wide range of incredible experiences all across Melbourne and out into the beautiful Victorian countryside as well.

You can offer your dad a wonderful gift box that allows him to choose his own experience from a booklet filled with amazing adventures throughout Melbourne and Victoria. For help deciding which gift box to give your dad this Father’s Day, check out our handy guide below.

Choose by budget

As much as we’d all love to splash out a small fortune on our dads this Father’s Day, we don’t all have that kinda cash laying around! That’s why BananaLab offers gift boxes to suit every price range.

Our petite box is $99 and allows your dad to choose from more than 50 experiences, including helicopter flights, photography classes, pamper packages and wacky things like truffle hunts. Most experiences in this gift box are either for dad to enjoy on his own or for him and a friend.

Our sweet box is a little more extravagant at $199, but you get much more bang for your buck! This box boasts some awesome gems like surf classes, cooking classes, floatation therapies and even sailing cruises – pretty sweet! Like the petite box, most of the experiences offered in this package are for himself and a friend, or just for him to enjoy solo.

For those who really want to offer their dad an unforgettable experience to write home about, our classic box consists of more than 80 incredible experiences including scuba diving, deluxe pamper packages, chocolate food tours and other Melbourne delights for $270. These experiences range from 1 person to 4 people, so dad can bring a few buddies or the whole family along to whatever experience he chooses.

Finally, our unique box is the Grand Poobah of BananaLab gift boxes. It costs $599, and there are more than 70 truly unique experiences in this box, ranging from aerobatic flights, private photography classes, rejuvenating skin treatments or hot air balloon tours. Most of the experiences offered in this box are for up to four people, so with any luck your dad will bring you along for the adventure as well!

Choose by preference

We understand that your dad isn’t like every other dad. Rather than adopt a “one size fits all” mentality, we like to celebrate the fact that no two dads are the same! That’s why we offer special gift boxes that are tailored to suit dads of various lifestyles.

For the adventurous adrenaline junkie dad, perhaps the Classic Thrill Box is the best way to help your dad get his heart rate up this Father’s Day.

For the hard worker, the Petite Belle Box is surely the ideal gift to force your dad to take some time to himself and enjoy a relaxing massage or revitalising floatation therapy session. This box also includes laidback activities like Stand Up Paddle Boarding, morning fish trips and street art tours.

The Sweet Plaisir Box (plaisir meaning “pleasure”, of course!) is a great opportunity to offer your dad a list of unique activities he might never have known existed in his backyard, like helicopter flights over sand dunes, Segway winery tours, rap jumping in the city, and even a dog sled dash tour across the Great Alpine!

Whatever your dad’s style, preferences and hobbies, there’s sure to be numerous perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for your dad in our BananaLab gift boxes.

This is the Yarra Valley Skydive midweek experience, offered by Skydive Australia in BananaLab’s Classic Box.

Choose by experience

If you’d rather be a little more specific in the selection of experiences you offer him, our website lets you easily navigate all of the experiences offered in our gift boxes, so you can choose the right gift box based on the experiences inside.

Let’s say you know your dad would get a kick out of something wild and adventurous like skydiving, swimming with sharks or a high country four-wheel-drive safari… after a bit of a browse, you’re sure to find that the Classic Thrill Box is the ideal Father’s Day gift to make sure your dad has his most memorable Father’s Day yet.

According to BananaLab founders Tom and Eric, “We believe a BananaLab gift box is a great way to get dads out of their routines and experience something new!”

“As new dads celebrating Father’s Day for the first time, we would love a little time out to try something adventurous and exciting. So do your dads a favour and give him a gift that keeps on giving this year!”

BananaLab offers super-fast, same day delivery, so your dad can have a beautifully wrapped package in a matter of hours. For ideal Father’s Day gift ideas, BananaLab’s got you covered!

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