The Perfect Corporate Gift for Clients and Employees

The perfect corporate gift for clients and employees

Corporate gift ideas can be tricky. When it comes to finding the perfect gift to offer employees, clients or business partners, even the best gift-givers are often stumped for ideas.

It’s not like buying chocolates for your mum, or giving your friend a 6-pack of beers for helping you move on the weekend.

For the executive who wishes to thank an employee for their years of hard work, a new notebook or small plant for their desk is almost insulting. Flowers, on the other hand, might feel a bit too personal.

As for Christmas bonuses and similar occasions, how do you find unique, individual gifts for each of your 25 employees so that they feel appreciated and valued? And don’t say “gift cards” – there’s no shortage of stats and surveys revealing that gift cards are considered a copout these days!

Corporate gift ideas are a common head-scratcher for even the best gift-givers.
Corporate gift ideas are a common head-scratcher for even the best gift-givers.

With non-cash corporate gifts being a $125 billion market, it’s crucial that companies humanise their business through showing gratitude without a clear monetary value.

So what’s the ideal corporate gift to show employees, clients and/or business partners that you appreciate their input? What gift perfectly captures your company’s values, attitudes and policies?

Introducing the BananaLab Experience Gift Box!

BananaLab offers a range of gift boxes full of incredible and unique experiences all around Melbourne and greater Victoria. Your giftee can choose from adventurous activities like skydiving and abseiling, a pamper package like a full day spa treatment or weekend glamping trip, or something truly unique like a perfume-making class or clay target shooting.

BananaLab’s experience gift boxes promote a healthy, active lifestyle and encourage people to get out and explore their own city. As a business that is gifting these kinds of experiences, you are promoting a healthy work-life balance. With many of the experiences being valid for 2, 4 or more people, recipients can take their partners or children along; this allows you to promote family values as well.

While a CEO might give a BananaLab gift box to 10 employees, everyone is likely to choose a different experience – that’s 10 different gifts, and every employee takes away a unique experience that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

No one is going to forget the job that gave them the opportunity to swim with sharks, or jump out of a plane!

Whether it’s time for everyone’s Christmas bonuses, or the mark of a fruitful partnership with another company, or perhaps it’s just time to say thanks to a long-term client of yours, BananaLab allows you to offer the perfect corporate gift.

BananaLab has experience gift boxes ranging from $99 up to $599, in various categories such as “chillax”, “thrill” and “chic” so you can even tailor your gift to suit your employee or client’s style.

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