5 Key Tips to Running a Successful Christmas Event

5 Key Tips to Running a Successful Christmas Event

Have you been tasked with organising the office Christmas party this year?

It can be a blessing and a curse… you inevitably become prone to suggestions for wild, extravagant Christmas party ideas from colleagues as you stand around the water cooler, while your superiors keep firmly reminding you about the budget!

Whether you’re beginning your corporate party planning with a quick “how to run a successful Christmas event” Google search or you’ve already got most of it sorted and you’re just on the prowl for some last minute tips, here are five things to keep in mind when trying to plan the perfect office Christmas event to please your employees and impress the head honchos!

1. Get crackin’ on the Christmas event plans now!

Whatever you do, don’t wait until things like venue bookings, guest lists and catering options are urgent matters – that’s when the whole ordeal gets stressful for you when really, this should be a fun exercise.

Consider creating a simple Survey Monkey poll to email to all employees with a few questions about what they want from this year’s Christmas party. You won’t need to wait long for the responses to come flooding in – most people will jump at the chance to put work off for a few minutes while they take a survey!

This should give you an idea of what sort of venue to book, what theme the party should be, food and drink preferences, music and entertainment preferences, and so on.

2. Emphasise the company’s appreciation for another year of hard work from the staff.

I know this seems obvious, but you’d be astonished at how often even the most considerate of employers can fall short on this front.

This doesn’t mean the CEO standing on-stage for half an hour thanking everyone, nor does it mean hanging “THANK YOU” banners all around the function room. A small token of gratitude to your employees can go a long way to reinforcing loyalty and a sense of belonging.

Gift vouchers have been a popular choice for companies in the past, however experience gift boxes are now becoming the new thing, as they offer a more personal touch than a generic gift-card.

3. Break the ice early!

Whether you’re a small staff of 10 who already know each other extremely well, or your Christmas party is going to be attended by 250 people who wouldn’t recognise each other if they crossed paths outside of work, many people tend to act reserved and a little guarded at work-related events.

The sooner you can break the ice, the better! Get everyone to loosen up a little with some fun and games and if you are doing the gift thing, be sure to crack them out early to get people talking.

By offering gifts that aren’t so specific or limited (such as vouchers and experience gift boxes), you open up the floor for everyone to start discussing amongst themselves what experience they might treat themselves to courtesy of the company – will they get a soothing spa package, or go skydiving? Will they take a salami-making class, or pay a visit to a “break room” to destress? It’s an immediate conversation-starter.

4. Use it as an opportunity for the company to promote a healthy work-life balance and active lifestyle.

Why is January the busiest month of the year for gym membership registrations? Because the Christmas holidays are often a time of reflection, where people look at their current situations and decide to make changes in their lives, and start fresh in the new year.

What better time is there to show your employees that they work for a good company which supports a healthy work-life balance and wants to truly look after its employees?

Inviting employees’ partners and children to the work Christmas party speaks volumes in regards to supporting a strong family life and happy household.

Finding a way to incorporate some outdoorsy activities into the Christmas function is another reflection of a company’s attitudes and values. Booking a lawn bowls club, for example, caters for colleagues who might want to play a few games of lawn bowls together, which also acts as a great ice-breaker and gives everyone options for how they want to spend their time at the Christmas event.

5. Tell everyone what you’re doing – there’s no need to be covert!

When it comes time to say a few words, don’t be shy about discussing the above points.

Staff always like to hear that their work is appreciated, and a reward or bonus in the same vein as an experience gift box is sure to illustrate that you clearly wish to strengthen the employer-employee relationship.

Tell them in plain English that the company encourages them to have fulfilling lives outside of work, and supports them in extra-curricular activities so that they are 100% content with their jobs and want to stay on board for many years to come!

Still unsure? Fear not… BananaLab has the ideal solution!

At BananaLab, we find the most thrilling adventures and off-the-beaten-track experiences available in Australia, and we compile them into beautifully-presented gift boxes that you can offer your employees at Christmas.

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No one is going to forget the employer that rewarded them with the memory of a lifetime.

All of the experiences offered in BananaLab’s diverse range of gift boxes promote healthy, active lifestyles, support local businesses, and demonstrate environmentally friendly practices, so you can rest assured that you’re exhibiting good corporate citizenship too.

If your goal is to treat your staff to a fun-filled Christmas event that leaves them with a fantastic end-of-year gift experience to enjoy over the holidays, BananaLab’s got you covered.

BananaLab’s gift boxes range from $99 to $599. While our gift boxes offer something for everyone, we have numerous categories of gift boxes available including “thrill”, “chillax” and “chic”, so employers can browse through the experiences offered in each gift box and make a selection that they think would best appeal to their staff.

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