8 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Your Friends Won’t See Coming!

8 Awesome and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Never See Coming!

With Christmas drawing nearer, it can be tough to dream up a thoughtful, out-of-the-box Christmas gift idea that will keep your friends and family guessing! That’s why we’ve come up with this list of fun, creative gift experiences to spoil someone with this year.

From Lamborghini cruises to wardrobe overhauls, we guarantee you’ll find something in this list that will appeal to your lucky gift recipient as the perfect unique Christmas gift!

1. Take a stroll of Melbourne’s best rooftop bars

Image Credit: Kelly Sikkema

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a cheerful exploration of Melbourne’s trendiest rooftop bars?

With Aussie Christmases being so warm, it only makes sense to get outside and soak up the cool evening air somewhere that allows you to kick back with a thirst-quenching drink and enjoy the spectacular view from up high!

This lively tour from Walk Melbourne sees you and your gift recipient sipping refreshing cocktails in some of Melbourne’s most renowned rooftop bars, as well as some hidden gems you might never have discovered otherwise. It’s also a fantastic way to unearth some of Melbourne’s cutest laneways and arcades en route to the next bar!

This three-hour guided tour for two offers four drinks per person; one at each of Melbourne’s four best rooftop bars.

2. Spend two wonderful nights in a tobacco kiln

The package also includes breakfast, a bottle of wine and chocolates, $50 dining voucher and chauffeur service.

For those of you who want to get away for a few nights over the holidays but don’t feel like crawling down the busy streets of Byron Bay or Coffs Harbour shoulder-to-shoulder with the scores of other Aussies who had the same idea, why not try something a little different this year?

This incredible package deal from Grampians Tobacco Kiln is the ultimate “off the beaten track” weekend getaway. It still has all the comforts you expect from a nice weekend in the countryside (a luxurious room, great restaurants and various shopping options) but offers some unique experiences as well.

Grampians Tobacco Kiln is situated on a sheep farm, and the morning after your first night’s accommodation will see you enjoying an insightful tour of the farm, while the sunset will bring a tear to your eye. As far as unique Christmas gift ideas go, this one is sure to please.

3. The ultimate pampering experience, with a deluxe anti-ageing facial

A good old pampering at a beauty spa is a great gift to help someone relax, recuperate and hit the “reset” button over the Christmas holidays, so that they can start the New Year feeling like a whole new person.

Be careful with this one, though – you don’t want to send the wrong message with an anti-ageing treatment! Otherwise it could have disastrous consequences; like gifting someone a gym membership for Christmas.

4. A collection of spirits and liqueurs regularly delivered to your giftee’s door

This package includes a one-month “Random Scamperer” subscription, a one-month “Liqueur Lover” subscription, a “Flight of the Possum” whisky tasting set and “Flight of the Possum” gin tasting set, with all shipping included.

For something that is sure to catch your gift recipient off guard, why not treat someone to a liqueur subscription this Christmas? White Possum offers a one-month subscription of delicious liqueurs delivered right to your giftee’s door, so they can enjoy a diverse range of Australian spirits complete with tasting notes.

With any luck, they might invite you over to join in on the tastings with every new delivery!

5. Professional fashion advice and recommendations, right at your gift recipient’s wardrobe

This experience includes an initial intake questionnaire, and a personalised at-home consultation with professional outfit recommendations.

Are you shopping for a unique Christmas gift for a fashionista? Perhaps you know someone who likes to look their absolute best every time they step out their front door. Ele Personal Styling offers a very unique service that promises to deliver a bit of fun, too.

We all have our own style, and things like body shape, age, lifestyle choices and personal flair have a big impact on what does and doesn’t look good on us. Loretta Whitford, a fashion professional with years of experience in the industry, knows how to accentuate your best features and dress to impress based on what’s already in your wardrobe.

She will come to your gift recipient’s house and go through their wardrobe together, offering fashion advice and tips for expressing themselves through stylish items of clothing and accessories.

6. Send them on a 60-minute Ferrari or Lamborghini cruise

Okay, let’s take a step away from facials and fashion advice for a moment… how about offering someone the gift of spending an hour cruising around town in a Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Ultimate Driver, Australia’s premier motorsport corporate event organiser, offers the opportunity to be driven around Mornington Peninsula by a precision driver who can answer any and all questions about these premium supercars.

Your gift recipient can have some photos taken with the car, and this well-thought out route around the peninsula ensures no time is wasted at traffic lights or traffic jams! Choose between a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

7. A first-class view of the sunrise, followed by a champagne breakfast

Balloon Flight: Champagne Breakfast
This amazing experience includes a one-hour sunrise flight followed by a champagne breakfast (once your feet are firmly on the ground again!), and a flight certificate to take home and display with pride!

Treat someone to the ultimate sunrise experience, by sending them up into the sky to watch the sunrise over the Melbourne city skyline in a hot air balloon. This incredible experience is extremely sought after by many-a-Melbournites, and ensures that you’ve given them a Christmas present they won’t forget any time soon!

After all, you can’t possibly have a bad day after starting it off with a hot air balloon sunrise and a champagne breakfast! Global Ballooning have spent a quarter of the century showing more than 95,000 people the best sunrise view in Australia.

8. The gift of excellent culinary skills!

Spice Factory Indian home cooking
These three-hour classes in Bentleigh VIC are for one or two people, depending on the type of cuisine your gift recipient chooses.

For something fun, exciting, social and out-of-the-box, Foodie Trails offers a variety of cooking classes that will turn your gift recipient into a master chef in whichever type of cuisine they choose – perhaps Thai, Indian or Vietnamese?

Of course, the benefit of this experience is that they might invite you over afterwards to show off their newfound culinary skills!

Struggling to decide?

We’ve thrown some pretty great Christmas gift ideas at you; if you’re struggling to make up your mind, fear not! Our BananaLab Experience Gift Boxes offer all of the experiences mentioned above, plus 100 more for your gift recipient to choose from.

Why decide for yourself which experience they might enjoy the most, when you can simply offer them a BananaLab Experience Gift Box and let them choose for themselves?

Whether it’s one of these eight fantastic experiences or something completely different, our gift boxes offer everything from kayaking and abseiling, to candle-making classes and dumpling discovery walks.

Check out our full range of unique Christmas gift experiences at www.bananalab.com.au today.

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