Leave a lasting impression on clients in time for the holidays

How can you leave a lasting impression on clients around the holidays?

Christmas isn’t just a time for parents to shower their children with gifts. It’s also that time of the year when businesses get to show clients their gratitude for a lucrative partnership, and an opportunity to leave a lasting good impression.

A Business Gift Satisfaction Survey from Seattle gifting company Knack recently estimated that non-cash corporate gifts clock in at about $125 billion a year in the US alone. More than half of the survey’s respondents claimed that gifts can have a large impact on their opinion of a business partner, either for better or worse.

With so much at stake, what constitutes an appropriate B2B gift? Let’s consider what you’re trying to achieve. As with any gift, you’re ideally hoping to surprise and delight the recipient, right? But as a business, specifically you want your gift to:
– illustrate that your company values the client’s business
– reinforce your ongoing business relationship moving forward into the New Year
– make a lasting impression on the client that your business cares about them
– promote your company’s values, and recognise that life’s not all about work

So what gift is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your client, and create a positive connection between your business and this thoughtful, memorable token of gratitude?

A gift hamper?

While this is a thoughtful gesture, it’s extremely short-lived. The moment the hamper is used up, your gift fades away into the past. The same goes for bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates and other perishables.

An item for the office or household?

This logic follows better; by gifting your client something that they’ll inevitably see around the house or in their office every day, it will remind them of your act of generosity and keep your business front of mind.

However, there’s been no shortage of research in recent years that suggests our satisfaction with material objects pales in comparison to experiential purchases over time.

This phenomenon stems from the Easterlin Paradox, and states that when you purchase a material item and a one-off experience like a concert or a holiday, your level of satisfaction with both purchases might be equal.

However, as time goes on, your satisfaction with the past experience ironically trumps the long-lasting material object that you still possess. In a nutshell, experiences > objects.

An experience!

Rafting Sharks tooth, Lower Mitta river Rafting for 2

So when it comes to leaving a lasting positive impression on your client with a thoughtful gift, you’re going to have much more success by offering them something they can turn into a lifelong memory.

This could be anything from whitewater rafting to a craft beer tasting or even a masterclass in homemade chocolate. Rather than making the decision yourself, you can purchase your client a BananaLab Experience Gift Box and let them choose whichever delightful experience most appeals to them.

What’s a BananaLab Experience Gift Box?

BananaLab offers gift boxes full of unique experiences all around Melbourne and Sydney (and surrounding regional areas).

Your gift recipient receives a quality-printed notebook offering up to 100 experiences ranging from adventures like combat flights and flyboarding, to mellow recuperative experiences like a group floatation therapy session, as well as fun offerings like salami-making classes and the LEGOLAND Discover Family Pass.

All of Melbourne and Sydney’s greatest experiences available in one beautifully presented gift box!

At BananaLab, our gift boxes promote a healthy, active lifestyle and encourage people to get out and explore their own city. As a business that is gifting these kinds of experiences to clients, you’re promoting a healthy work-life balance and an enthusiasm for the outdoors.

With some of the experiences being valid for two or more people, recipients with families can choose an activity that their partners and children can come along to as well; now your business is promoting strong family values.

While an executive might offer 10 clients a BananaLab gift box, each client is likely to choose a different experience, resulting in 10 different gifts and 10 unique experiences that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

No client is going to forget the company that gave them the opportunity to take a hot air balloon over the countryside at sunrise, or go catamaran sailing down the coast!

Kitesurfing progression

Whether you’re looking to mark a fruitful partnership with another company or thank a long-term client of yours this Christmas, BananaLab provides the ideal opportunity for your business to leave a fantastic lasting impression on your client.

BananaLab has experience gift boxes ranging from $99 up to $599, in various categories such as “chillax”, “thrill” and “chic” so you can even tailor your gift to suit your client’s style.

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