What’s an ethical gift for mum that will also support local businesses?

What’s an ethical gift for mum that will also support local businesses?

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that due to the unprecedented situation we’ve found ourselves in, this Mother’s Day is going to be a little different than usual.

With many local businesses being hit hard, first by the bushfires and now COVID-19, a lot of us are looking for Mother’s Day gifts that will support small and independent businesses in our community this year.

When it comes to ethical gifts that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, experiences are an ideal gift idea. Not only are experiences more personal and unique, but the memory of a fantastic occasion lasts much longer than any material possession.

Here is a gift guide of five amazing and ethical experiences under $100 that you can offer mum for Mother’s Day 2020. Every option supports local businesses, and ensures that mum’s first trip out of the house after quarantine is an unforgettable one!

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1. Impossible Occurrences Magic Show at the Marriott

What better way to put COVID-19 behind you than with a stellar show from an award-winning magician?

After being cooped up at home, give your mum and her +1 a reason to get all dressed up and head down to Melbourne’s five-star Marriott Hotel for a mind-blowing magic show from the one and only Luke Hocking.

Impossible Occurrences takes place every week at the Marriott Hotel, so your mum can hold onto her gift experience choice until a time that suits.


2.Indoor Skydiving Adventure with iFLY

For the adventure-junkie mum, perhaps iFLY’s incredible indoor skydiving experience is the ideal way to get the heart racing again after spending some time as a couch potato!

The iFLY package lasts for nearly two hours, and your mum can experience the sensation of a tandem skydiving freefall from 12,000 feet. Everything is included – all she needs to bring is some laced-up shoes!


3. Dumpling Discovery Walk through Melbourne

Walk Melbourne’s three-hour walking tour of Melbourne’s top four mouth-watering dumpling venues is guaranteed to please mum’s tastebuds! Not only will she get to try some of the most delicious dumplings you’ll find in Melbourne, but she’ll make a few new friends out of the experience, too.


4. Float Therapy & Massage Treatment

Maybe all your mum really wants when she can finally get out of the house is to get pampered. This 60-minute float therapy session and 30-minute massage treatment from Innerverse will have your mum and three of her friends feeling relaxed and revitalised for days to come.

Give your mum an opportunity to hit the reset button on all this COVID-19 drama!


5. Unlimited SFX Classes for 8 Weeks

For the active mum who is not too thrilled about sitting at home for this long without exercise, perhaps she’d like to use her Mother’s Day 2020 gift to reclaim her active lifestyle with a bang!

AtRubens offers an eight-week unlimited pass to any and all SFX classes, meaning your mum can work on her core strength, cardio fitness and muscle building with a world class trainer whenever she wants.

Surely there’s no quicker way to get back in shape after being stuck at home during quarantine!

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Let your mum choose between these and over 100 other ethical experiences, with a BananaLab Experience Gift Box.

At BananaLab, we don’t just do gifts… we provide people with the means to gift unique, memorable and truly personalised experiences to their friends and loved ones.

Our Experience Gift Boxes are full of fantastic experiences to thrill mums of all tastes and preferences, from heart-racing adventures to pamper packages and fun workshops.

All of our experience partners are local, independent businesses that will benefit from having bookings made during this difficult time. Every experience is valid for 3.5 years, which gives your wife or mother plenty of time to choose her favourite option from our brilliant offering.


For a convenient, ethical and truly personal Mother’s Day gift that supports local businesses, indulge your mum with a BananaLab Experience Gift Box this year.


BananaLab creates “experience gift boxes” to offer your loved ones in place of a physical gift, so they can choose from over 100 experiences across Sydney or Melbourne – from adventurous activities like skydiving and combat flights, to pamper packages and workshops to develop interesting hobbies like candle-making or perfume-making.

BananaLab’s gift boxes range from $99 to $599. While our gift boxes offer something for everyone, we have numerous categories of gift boxes available including “thrill”, “chillax” and “chic”, so you can offer someone the perfect experiential gift for any special occasion.

Our selection for every type of mums

  • $99.00

    Our selection for her

    • The gift recipient will choose from over 100+ experiences, Indoor skydiving, Boxing classes, SUP classes, Floatation session, Massages, Yoga classes, Truffle hunting, Grape stomping, Photography classes, Pastry workshops…
    • 60+ Experiences in Victoria, 30+ in New South Wales, and 10+ in the other states
    • Experiences for 1 to 2 people
    • Valid for up to 3 years
  • $199.00

    The selection that treats Madame

    • The gift recipient will choose from over 100+ Experiences, Yachting discovery, Wine education, Pamper packages, or Helicopter tour. The gift box that will treat Madame.
    • 50+ Experiences in Victoria, 40+ Experiences in New South Wales, 10+ in the other states
    • Experiences for 1 to 2 people
    • Valid for up to 3 years
  • $299.00

    Our Classic selection for her

    • The gift recipient will choose from over 150+ Amazing Experiences for her like Skydiving, Horse riding, Flyboarding, Rap jumping, Hairstyling, Float session, Aroma pamper pack, Hot air balloon, Chef special lunch, Sailing cruise, Cooking class, Wine education workshop…
    • 90+ Experiences in Victoria, 45+ Experiences in New South Wales, 15+ in the other states
    • Experiences for 1 to 2 people
    • Valid for up to 3 years

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