What gift can you offer mum during the COVID-19 crisis?

What gift can you offer mum during the COVID-19 crisis?

Perhaps more than ever this year, every mum deserves a fantastic Mother’s Day that helps take her mind off these difficult and uncertain times.

While this unprecedented coronavirus outbreak has ruled out champagne brunches and public outings for the time-being, there is a whole host of fun activities you can offer mum for Mother’s Day 2020.

At BananaLab, we don’t just do gifts… we offer unique and personalised experiences that your mum can cherish for the rest of her life.

With a BananaLab Experience Gift Box, your mother can choose her own memorable experience to indulge in, once COVID-19 is behind us. Whether she likes wild adventures or she’d rather relax, get pampered or learn new things, your mum is sure to find the ideal experience to reintroduce her to the great outdoors.

Here is just a handful of the incredible experiences your brave mum can choose from this Mother’s Day:

Alcohol Ink Play & Create Workshop

A three-hour class for two people with all materials, a tutorial and refreshments included.

For the artistic mum, Tamara’s alcohol ink workshop teaches you how to create stunning masterpieces with a unique spin to them.

Coastal Flight Open Cockpit

A 25-minute flight for two people.

Treat your mum to a breathtaking open cockpit joy flight over the Great Ocean Road, where she can enjoy Victoria’s coastline from a perspective that very few people are ever lucky enough to see it from!

Face & Body Pamper Package

Tailored body massage and facial treatments for two people.

Help mum relax and shed the stress of current circumstances with a tailored pamper package for her and a friend. This deluxe offering will have your mum looking and feeling herself again!

Ice Bar Deluxe Entry

Exclusive entry for two adults into The Atrium’s Ice Bar, with a cocktail, shot, photo and snow gear included.

Anyone else need a drink once quarantine is over? Perhaps your mum would love nothing more than to kick back with a friend and enjoy an ice-cold cocktail in Federation Square’s exciting Ice Bar!

Countless other experiences to choose from

With over 100 experiences to choose from in every box, BananaLab Experience Gift Boxes are the perfect quarantine gift.

Not only do our gift boxes help to sustain small businesses that are struggling during this unprecedented time, but every experience is valid for 3.5 years, giving your mum plenty of time to redeem her personalised Mother’s Day 2020 gift.

Our express delivery also ensures that you can get mum’s present to her in time for Mother’s Day morning!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for mum during this coronavirus outbreak, a BananaLab Experience Gift Box is the ideal Mother’s Day 2020 gift.

BananaLab creates “experience gift boxes” to offer your loved ones in place of a physical gift, so they can choose from over 100 experiences across Sydney or Melbourne – from adventurous activities like skydiving and combat flights, to pamper packages and workshops to develop interesting hobbies like candle-making or perfume-making.

BananaLab’s gift boxes range from $99 to $599. While our gift boxes offer something for everyone, we have numerous categories of gift boxes available including “thrill”, “chillax” and “chic”, so you can offer someone the perfect experiential gift for any special occasion.

Our selection for every type of mums


  • $99.00

    Our selection for her

    • The gift recipient will choose from over 100+ experiences, Indoor skydiving, Boxing classes, SUP classes, Floatation session, Massages, Yoga classes, Truffle hunting, Grape stomping, Photography classes, Pastry workshops…
    • 60+ Experiences in Victoria, 30+ in New South Wales, and 10+ in the other states
    • Experiences for 1 to 2 people
    • Valid for up to 3 years
  • $199.00

    The selection that treats Madame

    • The gift recipient will choose from over 100+ Experiences, Yachting discovery, Wine education, Pamper packages, or Helicopter tour. The gift box that will treat Madame.
    • 50+ Experiences in Victoria, 40+ Experiences in New South Wales, 10+ in the other states
    • Experiences for 1 to 2 people
    • Valid for up to 3 years
  • $299.00

    Our Classic selection for her

    • The gift recipient will choose from over 150+ Amazing Experiences for her like Skydiving, Horse riding, Flyboarding, Rap jumping, Hairstyling, Float session, Aroma pamper pack, Hot air balloon, Chef special lunch, Sailing cruise, Cooking class, Wine education workshop…
    • 90+ Experiences in Victoria, 45+ Experiences in New South Wales, 15+ in the other states
    • Experiences for 1 to 2 people
    • Valid for up to 3 years

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