Treat the Special People in Your Life to a Truly Unique Birthday Gift this Year

When it comes to meaningful unique birthday gift ideas that leave a lasting impression and create fond memories that we can carry with us for the rest of our lives, it’s hard to look past experiential gifts.

The value we place on past experiences is priceless, especially in the long term. Whereas physical objects depreciate in value over time (save for sentimental value, of course), the memories gained from experiences like holidays, a weekend hike, or a fun night out with our friends continue to be cherished as time goes on.

As such, experiential gifts tend to demonstrate a more meaningful gesture these days. People want social currency that makes for good conversation, and helps us to bond with others who share similar experiences.

If you’ve got a special someone’s birthday coming up in Melbourne or Sydney, here is a handful of exciting, outside-the-box and unique birthday gift ideas that they can cherish long after the day has passed.

Weekend Glamping Experience for 2

Weekend Glamping experience
This two-night getaway is offered by Iluka Retreat in BananaLab’s “Unique Box”. Find more information here.

With the way 2020 has gone so far, perhaps a relaxing weekend amongst the lush Victorian greenery is just what the doctor ordered!

Iluka Retreat is one of the Mornington Peninsula’s spectacular gems, where glampers can hit the pause button on their day-to-day lives and enjoy the tranquility of a luxury tent in a picturesque setting.

There are wineries, hiking trails and other delights within walking distance, making this the ideal getaway for any Victorian. With any luck, your gift recipient might even take you along as their plus-one!

A Little Anger Management…

The Break Room
This 20-minute Break Room experience for four people is available in BananaLab’s “Sweet Box”. Find more information here.

Maybe your gift recipient prefers to relieve stress by beating the hell out of random objects, in which case The Break Room is probably the better way to help them regain their sanity after a tedious few months!

Located in Collingwood, this package will have the birthday boy or girl destroying items in a warehouse with three of their friends… what better way to blow off some steam?!

A Hot Air Balloon View Like No Other, Followed by a Charming Champagne Breakfast

Balloon Flight: Champagne Breakfast
This package (offered in BananaLab’s “Unique Box”) includes a one-hour hot air balloon session at sunrise, a champagne breakfast, and a flight certificate to take home and display with pride. Find more information here.

Okay, let’s step it up a notch. If you’re looking to give someone a birthday gift to outshine all other birthday gifts, send them up into the sky above Melbourne CBD for a view like no other!

Global Ballooning does sunrise hot air balloon tours, so your giftee can watch the Melbourne sunrise in a way that very few people are ever lucky enough to experience.

To top it off, they get to enjoy a scrumptious champagne breakfast afterwards! If you think your gift recipient would rather get out of the city, Global Ballooning also does a Yarra Valley Sunrise Balloon Flight. Both options make for a wonderful and unique birthday gift.

Send Them to Learn How to “Hang Ten” in Byron Bay

Byron Bay Surf Lesson X3
This three-hour experience for four people is provided by Let’s Go Surfing, with all equipment provided (board, wetsuit, rash vest, sunscreen, zinc, and an expert instructor). It’s available in BananaLab’s “His Ultimate Experience” Box, and you can find more information here.

Birthdays are a common time for people to take up new hobbies and learn new skills, as we realise we’re a year older and we only live once!

For anyone living in Australia, it’s almost a rite of passage to learn how to surf. Not only is it a therapeutic activity that allows you to clear your head (it was actually while surfing in Torquay that founders Tom & Eric came up with the idea for BananaLab!), but it’s also a perfect excuse to visit some of Australia’s most picturesque surfing spots.

Give your gift recipient the opportunity to learn how to surf in Byron Bay with three of their friends. They’ll be taught by a professional surfing instructor, in one of Australia’s most desirable settings.

The Ultimate Pedal-to-the-Metal Birthday Experience

ADL WRX Rally Car - 13 Lap DriveYOU DRIVE - 12 Laps in a Subaru WRX + 1 Hot LapDuration: 2 Hours (approx.)
This two-hour experience includes 12 laps in a Subaru WRX rally car, plus a hot lap with a professional driver, provided by Off Road Rush Sydney. It’s available in BananaLab’s “His Ultimate Experience” Box, and you can find more information here.

If your gift recipient is more of a gearhead than a surfer type, they’ll be eager to experience one of the most thrilling motorsports out there, and get behind the wheel of a Turbo WRX Rally Car!

This experience gives them the opportunity to strap into a race-ready Subaru WRX, and go hooning around a rally track out in the countryside. They will have a professional racing instructor in the passenger seat, giving expert advice and guidance to improve each lap.

After 12 adrenaline-fueled laps, your giftee will scoot over to the passenger seat and let the driver take them for a wild ride at full speed! Even the keenest rev-heads will find themselves clutching to their seats for dear life!

Note: This experience is also available in Victoria and South Australia.

Countless other experiences to choose from

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With over 100 experiences like the five mentioned here available in every box, BananaLab Experience Gift Boxes offer flexibility, and the excitement that comes with choosing which experience is the most appealing.

Not only do our unique birthday gift boxes help to sustain small businesses that are struggling in the aftermath of this pandemic, but every experience is valid for 3.5 years, giving your gift recipient plenty of time to redeem his or her personalised birthday gift.

Our express delivery option also ensures that you can get their present to them in time for the morning of their birthday.

If you’re looking for the perfect 2020 birthday gift to offer someone special, you can’t do better than a BananaLab Experience Gift Box.

BananaLab creates “experience gift boxes” to offer your loved ones in place of a physical gift, so they can choose from over 100 experiences across Sydney or Melbourne – from adventurous activities like skydiving and combat flights, to pamper packages and workshops to develop interesting hobbies like candle-making or perfume-making.

inside the BananaLab Box

BananaLab’s gift boxes range from $99 to $599. While our gift boxes offer something for everyone, we have numerous categories of gift boxes available, so you can offer someone the perfect experiential gift for any special occasion.


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