2020 National Relaxation Day Gift Ideas for Someone Special this August 15

If there was ever a year to take National Relaxation Day seriously, it’s this one! And what better way to encourage a loved one to take a moment for themselves, than to offer them an experiential gift that allows them to relax and unwind? We’ve come up with some great National Relaxation Day gift ideas below but first, what is the idea behind this special day?

Why is National Relaxation Day important to observe?

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In today’s fast-paced society, many of us often forget to give ourselves time to recuperate and revitalise ourselves. While this was true in 1985 (when a fourth-grader by the name of Sean Moeller founded National Relaxation Day), it’s even more relevant now.

Sean’s suggestion was that, “too much work can make us sick, run-down, and tired”. Even if you don’t necessarily feel stressed out, anxiety or fatigue often builds beneath the surface and affects us in numerous ways without us even realising.

That’s why, every year on August 15, we are encouraged to take a breather and hit the reset button. If you know someone who would benefit from a full day of soothing tranquillity and relaxation, we have some amazing National Relaxation Day gift ideas for you!

Spoil someone this August 15, with one of these ideal National Relaxation Day gift ideas

Float, Massage & Sauna Package

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Obviously, there’s no other way to start a list of relaxing activities than by mentioning soothing massages, detoxifying saunas and float tanks.

For those of you who don’t know, a float tank is a completely enclosed pod that is designed to give your senses a rest so that your mind and body can enter a state of meditation. The pod is filled with skin temperature water about 30cm deep, while approximately 400kg of concentrated Epsom salt makes the water as buoyant as that of the Dead Sea.

The buoyancy and warmth of the water is designed to make you feel as if you are floating in mid-air, while the darkness and silence of the pod allows your brain to relax and focus on your inner self, rather than processing external information.

If you know someone in Melbourne who is in dire need of a float session this National Relaxation Day, BananaLab offers numerous packages that include variations of float, massage, jacuzzi and sauna sessions in the following Experience Gift Boxes:

Weekend Glamping Experience for Two on Mornington Peninsula

Weekend Glamping experience | Birthday Gift Ideas | BananaLab

Iluka Retreat is a beautiful hidden gem amongst the lush Victorian greenery on Mornington Peninsula, where glampers can escape from city life for a day or two and reconnect with the nature and tranquillity around them.

Sleep under the stars, inside a luxurious tent that is merely walking distance from such delights as nearby wineries, hiking trails and the beautiful coastline’s sparkling ocean waters. As it’s a gift for two people, perhaps it’s the ideal National Relaxation Day gift idea for a Melbourne couple who have been working extra hard this year!

This incredible experience is available in BananaLab’s Unique Box, along with other treats such as a Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Flight, Dogsledding Sunset Tour, and a Warbird Aerobatic Flight …although, perhaps that last one isn’t so relaxing!

A Month’s Subscription to Unlimited Yoga Classes

1 Month Unlimited Yoga matt and month of Yoga classes for 1 Person | BananaLab Experience Gifts

Who says your gesture to offer someone the means to relax and take some stress out of their life needs to be confined to a single day? Perhaps the best National Relaxation Day gift ideas are the ones that encourage your giftee to make relaxation a habitual part of their routine.

A one-month subscription to unlimited yoga classes (plus a free yoga mat) is the perfect gift for experienced Yogis and beginners alike! @Rubens, a hugely popular yoga studio in Marrickville NSW, holds all kinds of spectacular yoga classes, along with boxing classes, spin classes, SFX and suspension training classes, personal training sessions, remedial massage treatments and more!

Rather than taking a gamble on which package your lucky gift recipient would most prefer, you can keep their options open with a BananaLab Experience Gift Box. BananaLab offers numerous experience gift boxes in various price ranges.

You’ll find exciting packages for @Rubens in the following gift boxes, along with countless other experiences for your gift recipient to choose from, such as stand-up paddle-boarding, skydiving, candle-making classes and winery tours:

  • Treats for Monsieur (includes boxing classes, SFX and suspension training classes plus 100+ other completely unique experiences to choose from)
  • Treats for Madame (includes spin classes, yoga classes and 100+ other completely unique experiences to choose from)
  • His Bucket List (includes personal training sessions, boxing classes, SFX classes and 100+ other completely unique experiences to choose from)
  • Her Bucket List (includes remedial massage, yoga classes, and 100+ other completely unique experiences to choose from)
  • His Ultimate Experience (includes 8 weeks of unlimited boxing or SFX classes, in addition to 150+ other completely unique experiences to choose from)
  • Her Ultimate Experience (includes 8 weeks of unlimited spin or yoga classes, remedial massage treatments, and 150+ other completely unique experiences to choose from)

Offer someone the opportunity to unwind this National Relaxation Day, with a BananaLab Experience Gift Box.

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At BananaLab, we make it easy and convenient to offer your loved ones memorable, experiential gifts that broaden their horizons. Our BananaLab Experience Gift Boxes can be purchased online from the comfort of your own home, and sent directly to your gift recipient’s door.

You can even add your own personal touch by recording a personalised message to wish them a Happy National Relaxation Day! All our Experience Partners are local businesses, and every experience is valid for up to 3.5 years; so your happy gift recipient has plenty of time to make their ideal choice.

BananaLab’s gift boxes range from $99 to $599. While our gift boxes offer something for everyone, we have numerous categories of gift boxes available, so you can offer someone the perfect experiential gift for any special occasion.

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