How to become one of our affiliate partners


Why would you become one of our affiliate partners

Join our team of reputable affiliate partners and earn a commission every time you send someone our way, who purchases a BananaLab Experience Gift Box!

At BananaLab, we are proud of our product, and we know that it’s a fantastic opportunity for people to explore hidden gems in their own city, enjoy the outdoors, and live healthy lifestyles.

If you become an affiliate partner of BananaLab, we will pay you a commission on the sale of any gift box that was sold as a result of readers being directed to our website by your content.

Simply mention us in your own media materials (what we do, the benefits of our product, the experiences we offer, and so on) and link back to our website, and we’ll reward you for directing traffic to .


How our affiliate partnership works

When you become an affiliate partner to BananaLab, we send you a unique URL which redirects to our website. Only you have this specific URL.

When you discuss BananaLab in your own media content, this is the link you embed in your text to direct readers to our website.

If one of your readers clicks on this link, they are redirected to our website and our database automatically records that this internet user was referred to us by you.

This record remains active for five days – if this user purchases a BananaLab gift box within five days of being referred to us from your website, you will receive a 5% commission from the sale.


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