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Bananalab is a new gift concept. One price, hundreds of experiences; each experience gift box offers an entire compilation of experiences for your loved one to choose from.
Don’t waste your time choosing the wrong gift for someone significant, offer them the gift of choice instead.

Well, not so long ago, a couple of curious researchers did a bit of their magic to discover that it is experiences that in fact give us, humans, lasting happiness.

Meaningful experiences are the secret sauce that keeps us excited and smiling that crooked smile that says “Yes, I know what that feels like now, because I did it and it felt bloody damn good!”

That’s where BananaLab comes in!

It’s a gift box with a multitude of unexpected choices that gives giftee the credit to pick one that’s unique, from Skydiving, Massage, Romantic Night for 2 or Cheese Making Classes,…

Over 900+ handpicked experiences in Australia.

A $1 billion Euros market in Europe

A $1 billion euros market in Europe

The Experience Gift Box concept exists in Europe and revolutionized the gift market over the past 10 years;

The Experience Gift Boxes are distributed in 11 european countries both online and offline;

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A $1 billion euros market in Europe

The Experience Gift Box concept exists in Europe and revolutionized the gift market over the past 10 years.

Be part of it and stay ahead of the game!

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Incremental sales

We will promote you as a point of Sale. We give you more visibility. All our clients in the need of a quick gift will be directed to the closest shop to buy their BananaLab boxes. You will attract and capture more customers.

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BananaLab gift boxes are new, innovative and cool! Ground-breaking ideas in a stylish gift box.

Be part of something amazing, upgrade your products line-up with our eco-friendly BananaLab’s gift boxes, all sourced in Australia.

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More $$$ with the “Click and Collect” option

We will send you clients for free! You will have the option to become Click and Collect point – Clients will collect the gift boxes in your shop and you will get a commission without doing anything! Cool isn’t it?


Tom & Eric

BananaLab is an gift company based in Melbourne, Australia and co-founded by Tom and Eric in 2014 ; two mates who can’t help themselves from doing cool and exciting things that make life less ordinary. They’ve tried and tested all BananaLab experiences and products (yes, they went surfing and drank all the coffees in Melbourne) to make sure you and your employees, your clients, people in your community,  will be happier than ever before.

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