Always the perfect gift

Bananalab is a new gift concept. Don’t waste your time choosing the wrong gift for someone significant, offer them the gift of choice instead.

Well, not so long ago, a couple of curious researchers did a bit of their magic to discover that it is experiences that in fact give us, humans, lasting happiness.

Meaningful experiences are the secret sauce that keeps us excited and smiling that crooked smile that says “Yes, I know what that feels like now, because I did it and it felt bloody damn good!”

That’s where BananaLab comes in!

It’s a gift box with a multitude of unexpected choices that gives giftee the credit to pick one that’s unique, from Skydiving, Massage, Romantic Night for 2 or Cheese Making Classes,…

Over 400+ handpicked experiences in Victoria.

Why Corporates buy a BananaLab


Quick and conveniant

Delivery can be as fast as 90 mins


High end selection of experiences

Selection of the best of Melbourne nothing else


Trendy gift

Creative concept, stylish, chic and in vogue


Never miss your target

Recipients pick the experience they like


Support local businesses

All our partners are based in Victoria


Banana on the gift

For rewards, incentives, appreciations,…

The perfect gift for busy professionals

We select

We have pre-selected for you a range of 300+ activities in Victoria and packaged it in our BananaLAb’s Gift Boxes

You offer

Help your company by partnering with the smiling gift company. Place your order on our website or contact us for bulk orders.
We deliver to you or at the recipients’ address. There is also a 90 Minutes delivery options for the last minute orders.

They choose

The recipients receive the gift box that includes a booklet with all the pre-selected activities and a pass to access to one experience in the box. They only need to pick one experience, book it with our partner and pay using the pass included in the gift box.

Our pretty selection

  • The gift recipient will choose from over 50+ Petite Experiences, Helicopter flights, Photography classes, Pamper packages, or Truffle hunt. Pretty offer that satisfies all tastes.
  • Experiences for 1 to 2 people
  • Valid for up to 3 years

$99.00OFFER IT!

Our nimble selection

  •  The gift recipient will choose from over 40+ Sweet Experiences, Surf classes, Cooking classes, Floatation therapies or Sailing cruises… Our nimble offer with no compromise on quality.
  • Experiences for 1 to 2 people
  • Valid for up to 1 year

$199.00OFFER IT!

Our signature selection

  • The gift recipient will choose from over 80+ Classic Experiences such as Scuba Diving, Create your own perfume workshop, Pamper package or a Chocolate food tour, our Signature is an ideal selection of the best of Victoria
  • Experiences for 1 to 4 people
  • Valid for up to 3 years

$299.00OFFER IT!

Our exclusive selection

  • The gift recipient will choose from over 70+ Unique Experiences such as Aerobatic flights, Private photography classes, Rejuvenating skin treatments or Hot air Balloon tour with breakfast, this exclusive selection is a one in a lifetime experience offer
  • Most experiences available are for up to 4 people
  • Valid for up to 3 years

$599.00OFFER IT!


Tom & Eric

BananaLab is an gift company based in Melbourne, Australia and co-founded by Tom and Eric in 2014 ; two mates who can’t help themselves from doing cool and exciting things that make life less ordinary. They’ve tried and tested all BananaLab experiences and products (yes, they went surfing and drank all the coffees in Melbourne) to make sure you and your employees, your clients, people in your community,  will be happier than ever before.
Many businesses are choosing to mark special occasions with BananaLab Gift Boxes.
Should you intend to do so, we’ve made it easy to surprise a reliable employee, valued partner or important client. To start rewarding straight away, complete the form below: