Foodie Trails


Foodie Trails

Foodie Trails doesn’t provide your average run of the mill walking tours or cooking classes. A walking tour with Foodie Trails could cover anything from Indian to Italian, Greek to Mexican, Turkish to Asian and everything in between. Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia and the diversity of its people is reflected through the variety of its eateries. Join Foodie Trails for an afternoon exploring a delicious cuisine in Melbourne City, Dandenong or Brunswick on a foodie trail. Alternatively, try your hand at one of their cooking classes.

At Foodie Trails, cooking classes are informal sessions for learning and sharing culture. During a Foodie Trails’ Cooking Class, you instructor will teach you the basics of cooking a particular type of cuisine. Your instructor will also share stories and guidelines about the culture of the people who created the cuisine.

Open your mind and delight your taste buds with Foodie Trails.

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