At Innerverse they offer more than just your average float tanks. In the times we are living there is no pause button or ‘off’ switch for the constant bombardment of information we take in on a daily basis. Innerverse has designed their relaxing flotation experiences to give you and your mind a chance to enter a state of peace.

Float tanks are completely enclosed and designed to shut out most of our senses. They have water at a depth of about 30cms which is concentrated with approximately 400kg of Epsom salt. The combination of this renders the water extremely buoyant and creates an effect similar to The Dead Sea.

The environment created in a float tank has sometimes been described as unique and difficult to be replicated. The water is heated to skin temperature at approximately 34.5°C, so after a short time the water is imperceptible and where it meets the air is indistinguishable. In conjunction with the absence of light and sound there is very minimal stimuli for the brain to process. In this state the brain doesn’t have to focus on processing information and it is free to relax, be creative and explore. Take the time to explore your inner universe with Innerverse.

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