Must Have Mustangs


Must Have Mustangs

Must Have Mustangs are the only company we know of in Australia who has more than one Eleanor for hire including their unique - seater Eleanor catering for up to 4 legally carried passengers.

If you are looking for that special gift or to make the most of your special occasion, do it in style with their hire cars. At Must Have Mustangs Car Hire they specialize in making your day or occasion the best it can be by providing safe, easy transport that stands out from the crowd!

All of their cars have been restored with many new components to result in a classic but reliable ride that guarantees the best for you. Whether it is a tour, wedding car hire, a supercharged joyride, or other special occasion they can help! We also do functions, advertising and corporate promotions. Our cars include 2 Eleanor Hardtops in the style of the GT 500 E from Gone in 60 seconds in both the Coupe and Fastback. We are also happy to work with other car hire providers.

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