The Queen of Lean


The Queen of Lean

Where your results will no longer be a struggle.

The Queen of Lean is Melbourne’s largest and best female specific transformation facility. The founder of the facility Amanda Brown is an Australian Powerlifting Athlete. She developed the brand through understanding that there were an abundance of ineffective methods that weren’t delivering the types of results that women expected and deserved. Having worked with hundreds of women, Amanda realised that in addition to having individual needs women often felt intimidated in the typical gym environment.

With this background knowledge, Amanda decided it was time to create the best all-female fitness community in Victoria. She heads up an awesome team of 6 trainers.

The Queen of Lean’s business speciality is creating outstanding female transformations! Through utilising highly effective strength and conditioning methods, alongside protocols for nutrition and detoxification Amanda and her team members are able to enhance rapid fat loss in a short amount of time. Whether you are training for an elite competition or just want to look good naked, she will be able to provide you with the advice you need. The Queen of Lean was designed for motivated result driven women who want to feel empowered through the knowledge and understanding of how to bring out their best and ultimate body!

Stay Strong, believe in yourself and chase your dreams.

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