1 flight INTRODUCTORY JETPACK OR BOARD – (45minutes)

Provided by Jetpack Adventures

45 mins

1 person

Gate A, Old Castlereagh Rd, Castlereagh NSW 2749, Australia

Openpay is available on orders from $100 - $1,000.

Experience includes:

  • 45-min session with either Jetpack or Board (15-min air time guaranteed)

  • full instruction and safety equipment

    Offered in the Treats for Monsieur

Unleash your inner daredevil with this exhilarating 45-minute jetpack or flyboard experience at Sydney’s Central Coast or Penrith.

Feel a surge of adrenaline as you blast off from the water and propel yourself up to 45-feet (14-metres) in the air using high-speed water jets.