30-Minute Lambo Ride

Provided by Ultimate Driver

30 mins

1 person

1085 Arthurs Seat Road, Arthurs Seat 3936

Openpay is available on orders from $100 - $1,000.

Experience Includes:

  • Photo opportunities with the car
  • A 16 km passenger ride in the worlds most revered and sought after super car
  • Your ride will take you along the rolling roads of the Mornington Peninsula

    Offered in the Treats for Monsieur

Yes that’s right – how many people have had or will get the chance to ride in a Half a Million dollar supercar and feel the awesome power of a V10 powered Lamborghini engine with over 500 Horsepower.

When was the last time you even saw one on the road let alone got the opportunity to ride in one?

Realise your children’s dream and seize this opportunity. We only live once!