Flyboarding Experience

Provided by Peninsula Flyboard

55 mins

2 people

5 Pier Promenade, Frankston VIC 3199

Experience includes:

  • 1 hour with an instructor
  • Photos and Videos to remember your session
  • Duo offer for you and a guest
  • $599.00

    The gift recipient will choose from over 70+ Unique Experiences such as Aerobatic flights, Private photography classes, Rejuvenating skin treatments or Hot air Balloon tour with breakfast. The exclusive selection, the one in a lifetime experience offer.

  • Offered in the Unique Box

FlyBoarding is an extreme sport combining water skiing, wakeboarding, and acrobatic diving to have you soaring powered by jets of water!

While many extreme sports and adrenaline fuelled adventure activities can take a substantial amount of time to master, the flyboard is so intuitive you’ll have full control to soar through the air and water in no time.

It only take 20 minutes with an instructor to find your balance and then you’ll get to take charge and start flying freely.


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