Infrared Sauna

Provided by The Orchard Prahran

30 mins

3 people

Level 1, 201 Commercial Road, South Yarra VIC 3141

Openpay is available on orders from $100 - $1,000.

Experience Includes:

– Infrared Sauna up to once per day (Monthly)

– 30 minutes per session

– Month starts with the first session

– 12-hour cancellation rule applies

    Offered in the Classic Chillax Box

Give yourself some valuable timeout at The Orchard Prahran.

Enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna with a 1-month Sunlighten Infrared Therapy membership.

Don ‘t miss this opportunity to experience the latest infrared sauna technology in a clean and private space.

No steam, hot rocks, or high heat. Just a gentle, soothing, warmth and fresh towels for every session.

Rejuvenate, rejoice, recharge, and replenish.


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