Liqueur Lover subscription

Provided by White Possum


1 person

Delivered to your door

Openpay is available on orders from $100 - $1,000.

Experience includes:

  • 1 month Subscription ‘Random Scamperer’ subscription

  • 1 month ‘Liqueur Lover’ subscription, delivered at the same time

  • 1 ‘Flight of the Possum’ Whisky Tasting Set

  • 1 ‘Flight of the Possum’ Gin Tasting Set

  • Offer inclusive of shipping

Spirits subscriptions are a great way to taste a wide range of Australian spirits.

Conveniently delivered to your door, you won’t have to leave your sofa to enjoy the best of Australia.

In every delivery, you will find a bottle of locally made spirits and a set of tasting notes.

Random Scamperer will keep the surprise until the day of delivery.

With your gin subscription, a sample of real botanicals is also included for you to smell and taste.


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